BABY P's 'stepfather' does not just pose a significant risk to small children but is a threat to them, said the judge sentencing him to life in prison.

Judge Stephen Kramer presided over both the Baby P trial and a second case involving the rape of a two-year-old girl.

He said the "seriousness and extraordinary and abhorrent features" of his offences called for a sentence above and beyond the recommended guidelines.

Sentencing at the Old Bailey this morning Judge Kramer said: "You do not just pose a significant risk of serious harm by the committing of further serious offences to members of the public, particularly to children, but you are a threat."

He added: "The offences of which you have been convicted are very grave and your culpability is particularly high."

Bernard Richmond QC, who defended him in both trials, said he would spend the rest of his life as a "marked man".

The boyfriend of Peter's mother, who is well-built and is more than 6ft tall, appeared thinner and dishevelled as he sat expressionless in the dock.

He had no previous convictions which Judge Kramer said he had taken into consideration, as well as his troubled background and low IQ.

Judge Kramer said he had played a major role in Peter's death adding: "You abused the position of trust you held."