The Mayor of Haringey is facing disciplinary action after a council investigation concluded she did swear at protesters and discredited the office of mayor.

Labour councillor Sheila Peacock sparked controversy when she was allegedly overheard calling protestors - who had gathered to oppose the closure of homes for the elderly at Haringey Civic Center last November - 'a***holes'.

John Suddaby, Haringey Council's deputy monitoring officer, has found that Mrs Peacock broke the council's code of conduct.

"I consider that a fair-minded observer would resonably consider that the use of a ter such as 'a***holes' in these circumstances would discredit the office of the mayor which Councillor Peacock holds," his report concluded.

A standards sub-committee will shortly be appointed to establish what, if any, disciplinary action should be taken against the mayor. It has powers to ask the mayor to appologise and could impose a maximum of three months' suspension or recommended 'further taining' if appropriate.

Mrs Peacock has appologised to the complainant for any unintentional offence caused, and has stated that she did not know what the prostesters were gathered for.

In her evidence the mayor said she was concerned to prevent a repeat of the disruption caused at a previous council meeting in which police had to be called because of protesters in the public gallery.

The report says she had this in mind when she was overheard by a protester talking to council officials.

Conservative parliamentary candidate for Hornsey & Wood Green Peter Forrest lodged a complaint about Mrs Peacock's outburst with the Standards Board for England, which told the council to investigate.

"I take no personal satisfaction from the fact that the borough's first citizen - and indeed a fprmer headmistress - should now be facing disciplinary proceedings of this natures," he said.

"Despite her hard work in the role of Mayor, Mrs Peacock is simply unsuitable to be the borough's standard bearer." he said.