BABY P killer Stephen Barker has been denied permission to take his appeal of a rape conviction to the Supreme Court.

Barker, 33, who grew up in Tottenham, was jailed in for life in 2009 with a minimum sentence of least 10 years for raping a two-year-old girl.

She became the youngest witness to give evidence in a criminal trial when, aged four, she described how she had been abused.

In January, his challenge against the conviction and sentence, on the grounds he did not receive a fair trial, was rejected by the Court of Appeal.

Lord Judge, the Lord Chief Justice, dismissed the appeal by stating the case did not raise any "point of law of general public importance".

Baby Peter Connelly had more than 50 injuries when he was found dead in August 2007.

Peter's mother Tracey Connelly, 28, of Tottenham, and lodger Jason Owen, 37, of Bromley, south east London, were also jailed over the child's death.