THE people killed when the Tottenham air-raid shelter they sought refuge in was hit by German bombs will be remembered this week.

It is now 70 years since more than 40 people lost their lives there during the Second World War.

A service, the Tottenham Shelter Tragegy Commemoration Day, will be held in their honour on Sunday, September 19, at Lordship Recreation Ground, near the Downhills Park entrance.

The Downhills shelter tragedy marks the largest loss of life in Tottenham during the war.

The underground shelter suffered a direct hit from a German bomber plane seeking nearby military targets.

Frantic residents and emergency services conducted a rescue operation, and a morgue was established in the Tottenham Hotspur football ground.

Historians claim the incident was downplayed at the time to protect public morale.

But Friends of Lordship Rec are determined to mark the occasion and remember the civilians, of all ages, who suffered that day.

Survivors of the bombing and family members of those killed are expected to attend.

Local historian Ray Swain will explain the ongoing research effort to discover the names of all those who died and to track down families and survivors.

The group is now fundraising and appealing to the public for donations to help build a memorial feature.

If anyone has any information about other survivors or families killed, or would like to make a donation, contact Dave Morris, chairman of Friends of Lordship Rec, at or call 020 8211 0916.

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