TOTTENHAM MP David Lammy has revealed he declined a job offer from Labour Party leader Ed Miliband in favour of being a vocal backbencher.

Mr Lammy has eight years of ministerial experience under his belt but now wants to speak on a "wide range of issues" from the safety of the backbenches.

On Thursday it was revealed the MP had failed to secure enough votes to win a place in Mr Miliband's shadow cabinet after throwing his hat in the ring.

His decision echoes that of David Miliband, who Mr Lammy was backing for leader, to retreat from frontline politics.

Mr Lammy tweeted this morning: "Had a very good convo with Ed over weekend, declined his kind offer. Will speak for Tottenham and on wide range of issues from backbenches."

The former minister for higher education has faced criticism from residents in the past for being too focussed on his Government portfolios.

Many felt his slogan "The MP from Tottenham for Tottenham" did not ring true.

Mr Lammy has campaigned in the area on issues such as the proliferation of betting shops, disenchantment of black youth in inner city London and lack of role models for young, black men.

His decision could mean he plans to invoke the spirit of his predecessor, the late Bernie Grant MP, whose "firebrand" approach to politics endeared him to the community.

Mr Lammy is currently working alongside Ken Livingstone on his campaign to take on mayor Boris Johnson in the battle for City Hall in 2012.