HARROWING details exposing the gross neglect Baby P suffered by everyone who came into contact with him has been revealed in an official report.

Social workers, doctors and Haringey police committed error after error which ended in the death of the 17-month-old at the hands of his mother and her sadistic boyfriend now serving time for causing his death.

The full report – the Serious Case Review – exposed how Baby Peter's mother Tracey Connelly, of Penshurst Avenue, had told officials she had a new love but was not questioned about who he was or question his suitability to be around her children.

Stephen Barker, who grew up on the Ferry Lane Estate, was even listed as her next of kin but that was overlooked by Haringey Council social workers.

Had they looked into his background, they would have discovered he had been quizzed by police on suspicion of torturing his own grandmother.

The review, published on Tuesday, is the second of two investigations into the toddler's death after the first review was not considered thorough enough by then children's secretary Ed Balls.

A summary was published in 2009, but the full details have only been released for the first time this week.

Councillor Lorna Reith, cabinet member for children and young people, said: "Since publication of the serious case reviews, whose recommendations we have implemented in full, it has been our top priority to bring about substantial change and improvement to children’s safeguarding in the borough.

"The recent unannounced inspection by Ofsted – which took place in August and reported in September - was tangible proof that significant progress has been made but it is our responsibility to remain vigilant in Baby Peter’s memory and never stop improving."

Baby Peter died on August 3, 2007, despite being on Haringey Council's child protection register.

He came into contact with social workers, health visitors, doctors and police more than 60 times but none of them recognised the danger he was in.

His body was found cold and blue in a blood-spattered cot after suffering a broken back a few days before his death followed by a blow to his face so severe a tooth was knocked out.

It caused significant damage to his windpipe and coupled with the injury to his spine meant he was unable to breathe.

The report told how social workers, including his case worker Maria Ward and her managers, never believed they were dealing with abuse , but rather neglect.

They were even too afraid to confront Mrs Connelly about her parenting skills because she was "intimidating".

After Baby Peter starting showing injuries, she was arrested by police but they did not press charges and "did not do their duty by accepting the responsibility to investigate the injuries".

They also swallowed Connelly’s account of Barker’s limited involvement, which showed a "lack of thoroughness of the police investigation", the report added.

Children's minister Tim Loughton said the report was not about "apportioning blame" but finding solutions to move forward.

He said: "This is about allowing professionals to understand fully what happens in each case, and most importantly, what needs to change in order to reduce the risk of such tragedies happening in the future.

"After two years of high-profile reporting, I want this publication to bring some form of closure, so everyone – family and professionals – involved in this tragic case has the chance to move on."

Councillor Robert Gorrie, Leader of the Liberal Democrat opposition on Haringey Council, said: "This provides a true picture of the widespread failure at all levels in Haringey Council and other agencies that failed Baby Peter."

He added: "We need this information to hold today's services to account."