A CAMPAIGN backed by the Haringey Independent to keep Spurs in Tottenham is gathering pace.

More than 3,600 supporters have signed the petition Say No To Stratford Hotspur started by a group of fans under the name We Are N17.

Last week, this newspaper started its own campaign – Remain At The Lane – and have started writing to ex-Spurs players and have asked local businesses and residents to show their support for by putting our front page in their window.

And over the weekend We Are N17 braved the cold weather to take to the streets of Northumberland Park to give out up to 20,000 leaflets to spread awareness of the campaign.

Campaigner Olly Furnival said: "It was freezing but worth every minute. Football is not about business. It's about emotions, culture and belonging."

The Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC), chaired by Margaret Ford, is expected to make a decision on which Premiership football club — Tottenham Hotspur or West Ham United — will be granted a lease to the London 2012 stadium in Stratford in the first quarter of 2011.

The rival teams are the last bidders standing and is expected to go down to the wire.

West Ham have revealed plans to keep the athletics track and have received support from UK Athletics as well as Newham Council who will provide funding that the club will repay. They also plan to open up the stadium for community use.

But West Ham are drowning at the bottom of the Premiership table despite thrashing football giants Manchester United on the weekend and could face relegation next season.

Spurs are enjoying one of their best seasons in recent years having achieved great results in the Champions League.

If they were granted the Stratford stadium, the club would get rid of the athletics track but are being backed by entertainment firm AEG who own the 02 Centre – previously the Millenium Dome.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has said it is "only prudent and good sense" to explore all options available to the club for it to a deliver a expanded stadium in line with the growth of Tottenham Hotspur.

The club has made no secret of the inflated costs being placed on it to build a new stadium in Tottenham, and has made repeated calls for public funding assistance in line with the help offered to Arsenal and in rebuilding Wembley Stadium.

Mr Levy added: "Any new stadium option must necessarily be one which is feasible in both land acquisition and financing terms. "On a point of clarity - this is not about ‘chasing profit' - this process is entirely about seeking that which is deliverable. "We remain committed to our principles - to deliver a world class stadium with the best fan experience in Europe, secure foundations to underpin the future playing success of the Club and the best funded Foundation in the Premier League for all our communities."