Haringey Council leader Claire Kober has lashed out against criticisms of the authority's "unreasonable demands" and lack of funding has fuelled Spurs bid to abandon Tottenham.

Cllr Kober said the council has been "enormously supportive" of the plans to build a new 56,000-seat stadium in Northumberland Park which has been on the cards for the past two decades.

And, last year, the council agreed to make it easier for the Premiership club to buy the remaining pieces of land it needed by granting approval for a number of compulsory purchase orders.

She said: "Several news reports have perpetuated the myth that Haringey Council placed unreasonable demands on Tottenham Hotspur FC in relation to the proposed redevelopment of their Tottenham ground.

"In reality, the council has been enormously supportive of the Northumberland Development Project from the outset has gone to considerable lengths to expedite the whole process to the benefit of the club.

"The development would be of major benefit to Tottenham and surrounding areas so we would have no interest in being unhelpful."

Haringey Council has also been on the receiving end of fans' fury over claims that Islington Council helped to fund Arsenal's Emirates Stadium.

But in a letter to Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn from Islington Council's chief executive, John Foster CBE, said it had done no such thing.

Mr Foster wrote: "I have checked the position and can confirm we did not offer Arsenal FC any financial assistance as that would be considered state aid."

It is illegal for public money to be used to fund private developments.