ENFIELD and Haringey are home to some of the highest numbers of children living in severe poverty across London, according to a new report published today.

Both boroughs have 22 per cent of its under-16 population living in on less than £134 per week for single parent families with one child and less than £240 per week for a couple with two or more children, according to Severe Child Poverty: Nationally and Locally.

It was produced by Save the Children using 2008/9 figures supplied by the New Policy Institute and reveals how thousands of children are are missing out on things like school trips and hobbies, social development and falling short of reaching their education potential.

Tower Hamlets was named the worst affected area with 27 per cent of deprivation, closely followed by Newham with 25 per cent.

Sally Copley, Save the Children's head of UK policy, said: "Children up and down the country are going to sleep at night in homes with no heating, without eating a proper meal and without proper school uniforms to put on in the morning.

"No child should be born without a chance. It is a national scandal that 1.6 million children are growing up in severe poverty."