A LATE-night Hornsey bar could be shut down after drunken customers attacked police during a violent street battle.

The future of Kelko is at stake after a police van was besieged, officers were pelted with bottles and missiles, and rival gang members fought in and around High Street.

Officers were initially called out to the bar just before 1am on March 12, after complaints from neighbours about excessive noise.

Sergeant Michael Tisi, the first officer on the scene, found no bouncers on the front door, noticed a “strong smell of cannabis”, and described the music as “incredibly loud”.

He ordered manager Hardeep Dhanoa to shut down the bar after he admitted losing control, but as customers – some swigging from half-drunk spirit bottles – spilled on to the street, the scene turned ugly.

Acting Sergeant Kneebone, who arrived at the scene with a team of officers, said they were forced to stay in their vehicles initially, worried they were outnumbered and could come under attack.

Bricks and bottles were hurled at police officers before CS gas was fired into the crowd to disperse the troublemakers.

Even then, Acting Sergeant Kamran Qureshi noted gang members “in the side streets carrying on fighting and arming themselves with debris and weapons."

Senior police officers have now asked for the bar's licence to be reviewed by Haringey councillors, who could shut it down permanently.

The licence review, due to be heard on Tuesday, has been backed by businesses and the council's environmental health department, over concerns at the way in which the bar is being run.