THE family of the Tottenham man shot dead by police does not condone the riots and looting of last night.

Last night's riot followed a peaceful march by members of the local community demanding "justice" for Mark Duggan's relatives.

Community and political leaders were swift to criticise the rioting, looting and arson that swept across the area after the protest by community members demanding "justice" for Mr Duggan turned nasty.

Scotland Yard said 26 officers were injured during the unrest, and 55 people were arrested for offences including violent disorder, burglary and theft. All the injured officers have now been released from hospital.

Mr Duggan's brother's Shaun Hall said: "We're not condoning any kind of actions like that at all. It seems to be the press who are generally saying that it is linked to my brother. OK, some questions were supposed to have been answered, they weren't answered, therefore there was a domino effect from that, we don't condone that at all.

"I know people are frustrated, they're angry out there at the moment, but I would say please try and hold it down. Please don't make this about my brother's life, he was a good man."

Downing Street called the rioting "utterly unacceptable", while Home Secretary Theresa May said: "Such disregard for public safety and property will not be tolerated."

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said he was "appalled at the scenes of violence and destruction", while Tottenham MP David Lammy also condemned the rioting.