THE Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) says it will share ballistic results regarding the death of Mark Duggan in the next 24 hours.

The IPCC made the announcement while defending itself against claims it has not had enough contact with the family of Mr Duggan.

Commissioner, Rachel Cerfontyne, who is overseeing the investigation into the father-of-four’s death, said the family were frustrated with a lack of contact from the police, not the IPCC.

Her statement said: “I am aware of various media reports suggesting that we have not had adequate contact with Mr Duggan’s family since his death.

“Following my meeting with the family yesterday (Sunday) I am very clear that their concerns were not about lack of contact or support from the IPCC.

“Their concerns were about lack of contact from the police in delivering news of his death to Mark’s parents.

“It is never the responsibility of the IPCC to deliver a message regarding someone's death and I have told Mr Duggan’s family that I would be addressing this issue with the Met and that, if necessary, this would become part of our investigation.

"I have been consistently reassured by Mr Duggan’s family that while they still have many unanswered questions, they have sufficient access to and support from the IPCC. Dedicated IPCC family liaison managers are in place and the family know they can call them at any time.

"I am also aware that Mr Duggan’s family were unhappy at waiting at the police station for such a long time. The IPCC was contacted by the MPS at 8.30 pm on Saturday evening. We were told that Mr Duggan’s partner had been there and wanted answers to a variety of questions, but that she had now left.

"Yesterday I met with members of Mr Duggan’s family. I spoke to Mr Duggan’s mother on the phone, who confirmed that she did not want to see me yet, but would do in the coming days.

"In the course of our contact I know that the family – and indeed, the community, still have many unanswered questions.

"IPCC investigators are currently liaising with scientists at the Forensic Science Service regarding analysis on ballistics. We would anticipate being in a position to share verified results within the next 24 hours.”