FRESH rioting has returned to the streets of London tonight as Scotland Yard says it is increasing its presence to deal robustly with looting thugs.

Police chiefs, politicians and community leaders condemned "opportunistic criminality" amid warnings of more widespread violence across the capital.

More than 100 people were arrested overnight and early on Monday morning after boroughs in north, south and east London fell victim to copycat rampages following trouble in Tottenham on Saturday.

As minor skirmishes broke out again between police and hooded youths in Hackney, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said "big scars" would be left from consecutive nights of rioting.

Scenes of violence in Hackney echoed those in other areas of the capital over the past two nights, with skirmishes between gangs of youths and police, reportedly prompted by a stop and search incident earlier.

Rioters, many wearing hoods and masks, were confronted by police lines spanning the width of streets, occasionally moving forward to push the groups back.

Officers in riot gear tried to control the situation, coming under fire from objects including chairs and pieces of wood.

At one point several people broke into the back of a stationary lorry, pulling its contents out on to the road, with some hurling it at police and others using it to smash windows of a bus.

Meanwhile, Mayor of London Boris Johnson is interrupting his family holiday to return to the capital to deal with the situation, it has been announced.

His spokesman said: "He will be back in London tomorrow lunchtime."