LARGE clouds of smoke are still billowing from the Sony warehouse in Enfield, after reports of teenagers with petrol cans attacking it last night.

The fire at the huge building, in Innova Park, Solar Way, was started at around midnight.

People are saying a group of teenagers with petrol cans set fire to the building after stealing computer games, DVDs and CDs.

The majority of the building has bee destroyed. Metal walls have melted and folded in on themselves.

Firefighters continue to battle with the smouldering building this morning.

Workers at JJ Food Services opposite have congregated on the grass.

Speaking to the Enfield Independent, one employee called Aga said: “It’s really bad, because people have lost their jobs.

“I feel really sorry for the people. The company has insurance, but they will have lost their jobs.”

Aga said she heard the manager of the nearby Premier Inn hotel had tried to stop the group of 20 "young boys" last night, but was punched after confronting one.

Fellow JJ Food Services employee Daniel Tlusciak, 30, added: “I had friends working on the night shift and they were evacuated about 12am.

“When I arrived at 8am there was a lot of smoke, but no flames. It’s terrible, it’s gone too far.”

Further down the road, behind the warehouse, four Malaysian tourists watched firefighters working.

The tourists were evacuated from the hotel just after midnight and said they were shocked at what they had seen in London over the past few nights.

Darren Ng said: “This is the first and last time we are coming to the UK.”

His friend Pei Eng added: “It is a shock. London seems like a dangerous place.”