A WOMAN who sheltered twenty hotel guests after they were evacuated because of a fire at the Sony warehouse in Enfield has been called a hero.

Friends Deborah Makumbi and Bridget McKasa, who are visiting London for a party, were staying at the Premier Inn, in Innova Way.

After rioters set fire to the hotel’s neighbouring warehouse at around 12am a local woman named as Naz Hassim came with blankets, tea and coffee.

She then invited a group of guests to shelter in her home, a short walk from the hotel.

Miss McKasa said: “She was giving blankets to babies, socks to men with cold feet and covers to all of us.

“She was a hero. She gave us tea and coffee and really helped all of us.”

Reflecting on the riots, Miss Makumbi added: “Last night we felt like we were in a warzone.

“There is no difference between London and Bengazi at the moment.”