DOZENS of families have turned up at Tottenham's shelter for those made homeless by Saturday's riots, offering clothes and toiletries.

Haringey Council set up the emergency centre at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre in Philip Lane at 1pm, offering housing for residents whose homes were damaged and advice from social workers.

By 3pm, huge piles were building inside as lines of people arrived to give over clothes, toiletries, and anything else they could offer.

In the queue was the Francis family, who travelled from Enfield with a bin bag full of donations.

Mom Naomi, who was with her three sons, said: “I lived in Tottenham for 12 years and I didn't have a job – I know what it's like around here.

“Now I'm a teacher and I deal with these kids every day – we are a community and we need to look after our people – I didn't know what else to do but come here and offer what I could.

Ms Francis, who teaches at Hazelbury Junior School in Edmonton, added: “I want to get back to having a normal life and a safe life.”

Haringey Council refused the Haringey Independent access to the building, where workers were sorting through clothes and helping those made homeless, so we can't bring you the personal stories of those involved.

To make a donation or ask for help or advice, call the centre on 0208 489 5308.

Council Leader Claire Kober said: “Over the past few days, we’ve had many generous offers of support from local people and firms – while many of our own staff have been working around the clock to help find alternative accommodation for families.

“The new support centre will be somewhere where all of this help will come together under one roof.”