THE top policeman in Brent has urged the community to continue to provide intelligence on potential rioters in the area and said his force will be “merciless” in catching trouble-makers.

The call follows the arrest of three looters on suspicion of attempted murder after a police officer was injured in Brent in the early hours of yesterday.

The male officer was hit by a car when police attempted to stop looters raiding a nearby electrical store in Fulton Road, near Wembley Park, at around 2.50am.

The injured officer was taken to a north London hospital where he remains in a stable condition.

A second male police officer was also injured in the incident. He was treated for minor injuries. Police stopped a number of cars as their occupants were suspected of being involved in looting. It is believed the driver of one of the cars drove away injuring the police officer.

Three people were later stopped by police and arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Brent Borough Commander Matthew Gardner said officers rest days had been cancelled due to the disorder.

He said: “Brent Police has responded to the disorder in an emphatic style. Disorder on the street of Brent has been minimal. "We will get through this as a team. I involve the community of Brent as being part of this team, help us to help you.

“Please continue to update us with intelligence so that we can robustly bring cowards, criminals and people intent on disorder to justice.

“If you are a parent, know where your children are and get them indoors. Please do your part. “Over the next few days you will see some officers in public order equipment. Do not be alarmed, this is so we can react immediately.

“My officers and staff are there for you and we will continue to be there for you during not only this crisis but the days, weeks and months that follow.

“I leave this final message that if you act unlawfully, whatever your age, if you are old enough to commit the crimes you are old enough to face the consequences.

“My officers, staff and support teams will be merciless in our pursuit of you.”

Brent North MP, Barry Gardiner, spent the night between Monday and Tuesday doing walkabouts on the streets of his constituency to reassure business owners and residents.

Yesterday he met with community leaders and police officers. He said: “I am truly shocked by the scenes we have seen in parts of Brent and across the capital.

“I call on the Government to restore order and to ensure there is proper and immediate financial assistance for the many small businesses which are not insured and now face ruin.

“I am working with the local police and local community leaders to restore law-and-order on every street of Brent.”