A TOTTENHAM man who told off-duty police officers they were “gonna get shot” during last weekend's Enfield riots has been jailed.

Renaldo Tekle-Giorgies, 18, was given four months of youth custody by magistrates on Friday for the incident, in which he pointed his fingers like a gun at a group of mostly female Enfield community support officers as they walked to their cars after a long shift last Monday.

The court heard how as he saw the officers, he shouted “police” repeatedly and read out one of the numberplates of the cars, before shouting “you're police, you're gonna get shot”.

After taking statements from the officers, police arrested Tekle-Giorgies – who has an 11-day-old daughter – who admitted a public order offence at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court.

Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle told Giorgies, who has a string of public order offences: “You attacked public servants who were on their way home from dealing with the major public order disturbance nearby.

“You knew who they were and what effect shouting 'police, police' would have on them.”