THE LEADER of a campaign for improved safety at a bridge in Hornsey has reiterated her calls for action after a man plunged to his death yesterday.

Sue Hessel, of the Hornsey Lane Bridge Campaign, said the death of the man, reportedly in his 30s, who fell from the bridge into Archway Road yesterday afternoon was “unnecessary”.

She called for change with fellow activist Sarah Cope last November after three people committed suicide from the bridge in little more than three weeks.

But their demands to install netting around the bridge and a free telephone with a direct line to the Samaritans in a bid to reduce the number of deaths were turned down by Haringey Council in June, which decided it would not be an effective deterrent.

Ms Hessel said: “The safety net would be discreet and you wouldn't notice it – I would reiterate my calls for it to be installed.

“The crucial thing about Hornsey Lane Bridge is that there's a main artery road underneath it and anyone who falls could hurt a driver or somebody else.

“We need to do everything we can to stop this and if people are in a poor state of mind we need to make things as easy as we can for them to talk to someone if they wish.”

Paramedics were called to the bridge at around 12.30pm yesterday, but the man was pronounced dead when they arrived.