A new primary free school will be based in a Tottenham housing development to be built by Spurs as part of its new stadium plan.

The E-ACT Free Schools Trust (EFST) announced today that it had agreed with the club and Department for Education (DfE) that it would open its school building at 881 High Road in September 2015, as part of a housing development due to be built as part of the Northumberland Development Project.

The school, which will open this September to 120 reception and Year 1 pupils, will be temporarily based for three years in the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London’s campus in High Road.

The project, closely linked to Highgate School, was given the go ahead by the DfE in February and will eventually cater for 420 students up to Year 6.

Free schools, which are funded by the state and from sponsorship, have freedom from local authority control and greater autonomy over their finances and curriculum.

Headteacher Sonia Mallick said: “I am excited to be working with EFST, Highgate School and alongside Spurs to create a new and purpose built school for the local community.

“It will be designed to deliver educational achievement and excellence for secure and happy children.”

The school will use the same admissions criteria as Haringey Council and the application process will be managed by council officers.

Spurs revealed in February that they were in talks to open a free school within the new stadium, after Education Secretary Michael Gove wrote to all Premier League clubs asking them to consider setting up schools.

Chief executive of the club’s foundation, Grant Cornwall, said: “We have a strong commitment to local schools in the neighbourhood and we look forward to welcoming and working closely with the free school as part of that wider school family.”