Zippo’s Circus has spoken out against claims by an animal rights organisation that its animals are poorly treated.

Chris Barltrop, a spokesman for Zippo’s, said: “The circus has horses and budgies both of which are non-contentious animals.

“It has been said by independent experts that if only all animals were treated as well as ours then a lot of problems would be removed.

“Our animals are very important and their welfare is very important.

“We do everything we can to ensure that the animals are extremely well looked after.”

Mr Barltrop also said that numerous independent experts have been very positive about the circus’s treatment of its animals.

He explained that before the purpose built accommodation for the animals was commissioned the plans were opened up for comments and that the suggestions made by experts were all put into action.

Mr Barltrop said: “The stables are out at the front of the circus. They are not all tucked away out of sight.

“Everyone who comes in can see the beautiful conditions the horses are kept in.”

He added: “The Captive Animals’ Protection Society is a campaign group that is political.

“They want to divorce humans from animals all together.”

Mr Barltrop’s comments come after the Captive Animals’ Protection society called for people to boycott Zippo’s Circus when it comes to Harringay from October 11 to 16.

The group’s local campaigners intend to stage a demonstration outside the circus on the first night.