After five exciting days Catherine Manolo, Brittany Kivuila, Rachel Johnny, Larisa Sandford, Somto Mekaowulu and KJ Moore, report on what pupils at St Francis de Sales got up to during Sports Week.

During the past week, St Francis de Sales have been entertained by fun and amazing activities all about sport. We have trained and practised for Sports Day on Friday 12 June 2014. Our eyes were shocked as we met Peter Waterfield who gave us a powerful message: ‘Try your best and keep trying.’ This week was extremely fun because we really learned a lot of important things which will help us in everyday life.

Slimming skipping
On Tuesday, we had an ambitious skipping challenge to raise money for the British Heart Foundation during Sports Week. Everybody felt scared because they really wanted to win the prize. During the skipping contest we had to skip for 30 seconds and the person who had the most skips won.

When we all started skipping, some people got tired straight away but there was a girl who stood out amongst the whole of Year 5. Kelsey won the challenge with 96 skips; she was very happy. Kimberly won for her class with an amazing score of 89. She says, ‘It was fun and it’s good for us because it makes us strong. It was hard though. I was exhausted by the end.’

From the teachers, Mr Babu won. He used to be a police man so he did a lot of skipping during training. He now trains with Kelsey every day at play time. To be good at something you have to train hard.

Tottenham Independent: Children are photographed with the FA Cup.

Special visitors
On the morning of 12 June, the FA Cup came to St Francis de Sales School. We all took a class photograph. Everyone was very excited and grateful towards Mt Babu who arranged the visit.

The FA Cup was very big. It was so important that it had two bodyguards and we weren’t even allowed to touch it. We enjoyed having the FA Cup visit us at school.

On the afternoon of 12 June, Olympian Peter Waterfield came to talk about his diving skills. He showed us his medals and talked about how he became a diver.

He became a diver at the age of nine and later trained with the amazing Tom Daley. He has had lots of injuries but still managed to win a silver medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Tottenham Independent: Children participated in a range of activities for Sports Day.

Sports Week ends on a high
Sports Day was an exciting end to an amazing week. We had many activities including a bean bag race, under and over, a football relay race and an egg and spoon race.

During these activities a lot of children were cheering on their team mates, full of joy. It was a challenge so they were encouraging them not to get tired quickly.

When we finished we all got a chance to relax and cool down. In fact, that was exactly what we needed as it was a burning hot day.

Many people thought that Sports Day was fun, challenging and a great way to keep fit.

All the parents who supported and helped out thought the children did very well to keep up even though it was such a hot day.