Andre Villas-Boas lashed out at Tottenham’s fans in a surprising post-match rant in which he accused the crowd of creating a “tense and negative atmosphere” in their match against Hull City.

The Portuguese manager said it felt like his team “were the away side” in the fixture against Hull City and he blamed the Spurs faithful for creating an “anxiety” around White Hart Lane that he claims “invades the team”.

Tottenham struggled to break down a packed Hull defence for much of the game, which they won 1-0 thanks to a contentious second half penalty, and the home fans grew increasingly frustrated as their side failed to carve out any clear chances.

And after the final whistle, Villas-Boas criticised the supporters for giving “very little support” and “making it very difficult” for his players.

He said: “Today we played in a very difficult atmosphere – very tense, very negative. We looked like the away team. But we kept our cool. We said to the players and the players told us the same – it was a victory we had to dig deep within ourselves because we weren’t getting any help from anyone.

“I think the stadium today reflected that atmosphere – very tense, very little support and it made it very difficult. I’m very happy with the players and the way they fought against that anxiety and kept their cool to get a great three points.”

Villas-Boas went on to claim his team are finding it easier to play away from White Hart Lane, such is the feeling among his squad that the home crowds are failing to back the team.

He said: “I’m extremely happy with the crowd normally. Fans for me represent the essence of football. To put myself in this position is very difficult for me.

"The away support has been immense but the reality is we have managed to beat the record of away wins because we play comfortably away from home - we don’t find situations of pressure. But sometimes at home it’s difficult and it feels like it drags the ball into our goal instead of into the opponent’s goal.

“I don’t intend with this message to send them (the fans) a warning or to hurt their feelings but this is something that is felt within the group. I represent the group and I’m speaking for them. This is a feeling that invades us in games like this.

“We’re great believers in emotion and motivation and that’s always decisive when you play at home. We recognise we have to do better and create more situations but Hull came in with a strategy, we kept our cool and got a win that puts us in a very good position.”

Villas-Boas said he believes the nerves around White Hart Lane are heightened by the fact most of their league games are played on a Sunday due to the team’s Europa League commitments.

He said: “My reflection is it’s a consequence of playing Sundays after everyone else has played. You know the results from the day before, you see the top teams win and instead of coming in with a smile and that push to help you, it’s a little more tense.

“We know we have to win, we know we have to do our job. We don’t need people to tell us that we need to win every game. For that to happen we need a bit of help.”