Tottenham Hotspur has linked up with a youth football team in Florida as part of its drive to develop grassroots soccer in the United States.

Tallahassee United has signed a four-year partnership agreement with Spurs and has also changed its name to Talahassee Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs will base a member of its global coaching team in Tallahassee to provide full-time support to the club to ensure and maintain high standards, and to build player development using a philosophy of stylish, attacking football.

Tallahassee Tottenham Hotspur players will also wear the same club kit worn by White Hart Lane regulars Hugo Lloris, Jan Vertonghen and Christian Eriksen.

To celebrate the new venture, Florida’s capital city proclaimed July 30 to be Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Day.

Tottenham has previously built partnerships in the US with clubs in California, Maryland and Texas.

Grant Cornwell, head of Tottenham Hotspur Global Coaching, said: “With our innovative programmes, we are creating pathways and opportunities for young players and coaches associated with Tallahassee.

“Our global coaching team works across the world to develop young players and educate coaches, getting across a unique philosophy the club has always prided itself on – attacking football played with style and flair. This partnership is a real investment into the grassroots of US soccer and a fantastic opportunity for both organisations."

Alex Minton, director of coaching for Tallahassee Tottenham Hotspur, added: “We are looking forward to continuing our philosophy of developing players by having access to coaching best practices and implementing Tottenham Hotspur’s philosophy. We feel that investing in our coaches will result in helping our players develop to their fullest potential.”

Tallahassee Tottenham Hotspur is expanding access to soccer in the surrounding area, including access for players with special needs, bringing more families and teams together, and engaging more than 1,000 youth soccer players.