Solicitors challenging Haringey Borough Council’s changes to council tax benefit have lost their case today.

Justice Underhill ruled in favour of the council meaning changes to council tax benefit will go ahead from April this year.

Solicitors from firm Irwin Mitchell, representing a single mother from Haringey, sought a Judicial Review arguing the council did not conduct a proper consultation of its council tax reduction scheme.

Alex Rook, a lawyer at Irwin Mitchell said: “We are disappointed with the decision which potentially means that 25,000 of the poorest, most vulnerable, people in Haringey face the prospect of paying council tax for the first time.

“However the Judge has granted permission to appeal the ruling which we hope will take place as soon as possible.”

Under Haringey council’s proposals all households of working age who have previously not paid council tax will have to pay 20 per cent towards their council tax bill.

The changes to council tax benefit are due to government abolishing the benefit and handing control over to all local authorities, while cutting the allowance it gives to councils by 10 per cent.

Currently 25,560 households in Haringey receive support of 100% council tax benefit, meaning they don't pay anything towards their Council Tax bill.