Concerns have been raised about plans to erect phone masts on top of a block of flats.

People living in and around Garton House in Hornsey Lane, say they are not being properly consulted about the plans to install up to six mobile phone masts on top of the block, which is owned by Haringey Borough Council.

The group argues the masts will be too close to neighbouring buildings and will have an adverse effect on the area and on property prices.

Neighbours had blocked installation in 2011 after campaigning against proposals.

Dr Manolo Guerci, who lives near the building and has spoken on behalf of residents, said: “We feel this whole process is repeating itself and we have not been listened to after the last time.”

At the end of last year people living in the flats, which are operated by Homes for Haringey, received a letter asking for comments about the proposals.

Those living near the block were not informed about the letter and say their views are not being listened to.

Dr Guerci added: “There has been a total lack of communication between the council and people living in the flats and those living around them. We just don’t know what is going on.

“The perceived health risks connected to these masts is enough to cause anxiety for people living here.

“There are masts on tall buildings nearby so we don’t understand why there are more due to put up here.”

The Haringey Independent has contacted the council about the proposed masts and is awaiting a reply.