A political pressure group will be leading up to a thousand mothers on a march through the streets against benefit cuts.

Reverend Paul Nicolson, of campaign group Taxpayers Against Poverty, has been working over the last month to organise a thousand mothers march through Tottenham on Saturday April 13.

Marchers will call for a stop to the government’s changes to welfare which include the benefit cap, bedroom tax and a reduction in council tax benefits.

Rev Nicolson said: “Mothers claiming benefits suffer for their children. They go without food to feed them and struggle with the misery of rent, council tax and utility arrears.

“The coalition has added to their financial hardship. There is nothing fair about the current welfare policies. "

Organisers say the government has made low income mothers the prime target for cuts and are calling for just policies such as rent controls, a living wage, benefits linked to wages and rights for disabled people.

The march will begin outside Tottenham Town Hall, in Town Hall Approach and will then make its way up to the High Road before ending at to Bruce Castle park for public speeches.

Several groups including Haringey Trades Council, unions and churches from across the borough have given their support to the event.