The Turnpike Lane Banksy has been put up for sale again after it was removed from an American auction last month.

Slave Labour, which shows a young boy hunched over a sewing machine making Union Jack bunting, was removed from the side of Poundland in Feburary.

The artwork has now been put up for sale at an auction in Covent Garden on June 2 by the Sincura Group.

The piece was originally due to be sold in an online auction hosted by US website Fine Art Auctions Miami but it was removed at the last minute.

There was strong opposition to the removal of the artwork from community and Haringey Borough Council which has been working to get the Banksy back.

Haringey TUC secretary Keith Flett said: "The Slave Labour Banksy belongs to the people of Haringey, not to a wealthy private client.

“We want the sale stopped and the Banksy back where it belongs in London N22.”