Lawyers representing a senior councillor accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice are trying to get the case dismissed.

Cllr Nilgun Canver allegedly attempted to take the blame after her son crashed her car.

According to the prosecution at Wood Green Crown Court she turned up after the accident and told police she was the one driving the car.

Cllr Canver was expected enter a plea for the charges against her today but this did not happen as her lawyers have filed an application to have the case thrown out.

Defence lawyer Anya Louise argued that the St Ann’s ward councillor later withdrew her statement and should therefore be given a lesser charge of wasting police time.

She also claimed there was political motivation behind the case as her client was previously Haringey Borough Council’s cabinet member for the environment.

Since receiving her court summons in August, Cllr Canver has stepped down from her cabinet position and been suspended by the Labour Party.

Ms Louise said: “The impact on her life has been devastating on every level.”

Judge Shaun Lyons said it was unlikely the case would be thrown out for reasons given by Cllr Canver’s lawyers.

He said: “This is a case where she turned up, claimed she was the driver at the time of the accident and made an incorrect statement to the police”

The judge added: “If I was to shoot someone and then 30 seconds later said I’m sorry it would not change the fact that I did it.”

Both the defence and prosecution were ordered to reappear in court on November 6 where the judge will decide if the case will move forward to trial or be dismissed.

The former cabinet member, who looked nervous and timid as she sat in the dock, was told she would not have to attend the court meeting in two weeks as her presence was not required.