Mark Duggan’s DNA and fingerprints were not found on a gun which police claim he was holding when he was killed, a jury heard today.

Mr Duggan was shot dead by armed police officers in Ferry Lane, Tottenham, when the minicab he was travelling in was stopped in August 2011.

The marksman who shot Mr Duggan claimed he opened fire in self-defence after he saw the 29-year-old pointing a gun at him.

No gun was found on Mr Duggan’s body but police recovered a firearm, wrapped in a dark sock, between ten and 20 feet away from where he was killed.

Today, Jacqueline Landais, a fingerprints expert working for the Metropolitan Police, gave evidence at Mr Duggan's inquest.

Ms Landais told jurors that neither Mr Duggan’s fingerprints nor his DNA was found on the gun.

She said: “No fingerprints or DNA attributable to Mark Duggan were recovered from the gun or the sock.”

Ms Landais added that because guns are made up of lots of smaller pieces it can sometimes be difficult to recover usable fingerprints. 

She also gave evidence about a shoebox which police claim had been used to carry the gun.

The expert said Mr Duggan’s fingerprints were found on the outside of the box but not on the inside.

Lawyer Adam Straw, who represents Mr Duggan’s family, asked Ms Landais if there was any evidence to suggest the 29-year-old had opened the shoebox.

She replied: “No, there is nothing showing Mr Duggan opened the box carrying the gun.”

The inquest continues.