Pupils at St Francis de Sales are huge fans of science lessons and so they could barely contain their excitement this week. Science Week has given every pupil - from Year 1 to Year 6 - the chance to get stuck into some amazing, inspiring and sometimes messy experiments. Kimberly Ward explains how the week kicked off.

On Monday we were joined for assembly by an amazing scientist called Victoria. Victoria came to our school to teach us some tricks to do at home.

Here is a trick I thought it was really cool: You take a balloon and a skinny barbeque stick. Then blow up the balloon. Take the stick and put it throw the dark bit next to the knot. Next you very carefully put it through the dark bit at the other side. Then you end up with a balloon on a stick.

Tottenham Independent: Victoria Boffin showed pupils how to put a spike through a balloon... without bursting it.

Victoria showed us some tricks using fire and a piece of paper. Victoria also showed us a trick where a cork flew into the air. My favourite part was about the fire and the paper; it was really exiting.

When we went back we had 30 minutes of playtime. People could not stop talking about the assembly. They loved it.

The week showed children that science can make a huge difference to our lives. Every child received a design challenge with the aim of inspiring a generation of engineers as Chanel Lwanga reports.

This week in our school we have had Science Week and we been doing a lot of exciting things. We were all challenged to build a bridge that could hold a dictionary. All the designs were laid out in the school hall and they were amazing. I was very impressed; I don't think I could make a bridge as amazing as some of the ones that pupils brought in.

Tottenham Independent: Year 6 try out designs for bridges to rival the Golden Gate Bridge.

On Thursday, as children and teachers looked forward to a well-earned break over half term, pupils returned to the school hall for the end of Science Week. Ingrid Nsionalola explains why there was still more fun in store for them.

For the final event of Science Week, a lovely teacher called Miss Naughton from St Francis de Sales gave us a tough challenge based on eggs.

What was this challenge? We had to stand on eggs without them breaking. This was the hardest challenge we have been given this year. A group of pupils were called to the front and instructed to step onto the eggs. Most of the children taking part were keeping their balance perfectly, but others began to worry. The crowd roared like a lion as they watched the courageous children participating in the challenge. While some eggs got broken, many of the children succeeded, balancing on the eggs without cracking a single one.

This was a wonderful end to a brilliant week. I had a fantastic time during Science Week.