A metalwork factory is commemorating the centenary of the First World War with a new creation.

Metalcraft Ltd, in Durnford Road, Seven Sisters, has designed and made stands for people who have bought one of the Tower of London’s ceramic poppies.

David Sugarman, the company’s managing director, said inspiration struck when his wife bought one of the flowers.

He said: “It got delivered and it comes with a steel pin and a piece of rubber piping and you’re meant to put it in the garden or outside. But it’s such beautiful piece of ceramic that lots of people don’t want to put it outside.

“One of my employees also had a poppy and wanted to know if he could make a stand in the factory, so we ended up making some.”

The company now sells the stands and donates £1 to the Tower of London Remembers project for each one bought.

The company, which usually specialises in gates and railings and recently restored the gates at Buckingham Palace, has now made 2,000 poppy stands.

Mr Sugarman said: “We wanted to design a fitting solution to display these priceless poppies to match their beauty and emotionally-charged symbolism, and make a significant contribution to these worthwhile charities."