A campaigner condemned cuts to adult social care in Haringey Borough Council's budget as "a total betrayal”.

Haringey Borough Council passed through £24.5million worth of cuts for the next three years at its budget meeting on Monday.

Martin Hewitt, of Victoria Road, Tottenham, looks after his 21-year-old son who suffers with severe autism, and says adults with disabilities have been let down.

A member of Save Autism Services Haringey, Mr Hewitt said: “We have been totally betrayed by the council following these savage cuts to adult social care and the repercussions for people like me and my son will be severe.

“All day care centres are likely to be closed, minus the Ermine Road centre, and this will mean more people with autism stuck at home and becoming isolated.

“Autistic people are still human beings and they need a place in which to socialise and make new friends and learn new skills but Haringey Council has put paid to any of that happening.”

Mr Hewitt now envisages more home care for those with disabilities and care packages will be renegotiated, which he believes could give rise to legal challenges.

He said: “People will make legal challenges if there are problems with care package changes I have no doubt.

"In April the new Care Act gives users and carers more rigorous national entitlements to care provisions and this will have a dramatic.

“I am stunned and disappointed that a Labour council that claims to stand up for social justice has completely failed to defend it.

“This will leave carers like myself completely exhausted as we have more pressure to look after those who are unable to look after themselves.”

Mary Langan, of SASH, made an impassioned speech during the council meeting.

He said: “For more than ten years I have been involved in promoting the aspirations of independence and choice formulated in the government’s 'valuing people' strategy for people with learning disabilities.

“It has been sickening to hear these aspirations being cynically deployed by Haringey Council to justify destroying the very services – like day centres - necessary to improve independence and choice, and provide some quality of life for people with disabilities and their families.”

The Haringey Independent has asked Haringey Council for a comment.