A fake charity collector has been going door to door conning people into donating money to a running club. 

Officers from the Hornsey Safer Neighbourhoods Team were made aware of a woman knocking on doors in Hawthorn Road, Hornsey, last month claiming to be from a charity and asking for money.

John Korn, 60, of Park Road, Crouch End, encountered the woman towards the end of May.

She knocked on his door saying she was raising money for Cancer Research as part of a running club but when he asked her for proof of her credibility, was shown a receipt. 

Mr Korn said: "She was very convincing, a posh middle aged woman and certainly isn't the sort of scammer you'd expect.

"I don't like donating at the door usually anyway so I said no and afterwards though to myself that it was all a bit odd. 

"It will certainly make me a little more wary of charity fundraisers."

The woman has been seen on several roads in the Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Hornsey areas and some people have handed over money believing her to be a genuine caller.

She is described as a white female 40 to 45 years old with blonde hair, sometimes going by the name Antonia with big black rimmed glasses, she has also been seen wearing a cowboy hat and flares.

As well as identity documents, people collecting money for a genuine charity must carry documents from the charity confirming they are collecting legitimately.

People are advised to ask to see these documents and check the details If anyone has any information or knows who this woman is they can call 101 or contact anonymously Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.