LABOUR managed to hold onto both seats on Haringey council in yesterday’s by-elections.

Noel Park was won by Stephen Mann for the party, while Peter Mitchell was elected for Labour in Woodside.

The Liberal Democrats came second in both seats, and the Conservatives came third in both wards.

Noel Park saw an overall turnout of 18 per cent, while Woodside recorded a 23 per cent turnout.

The by-elections had been triggered by the death of Woodside councillor and former council leader George Meehan in July, and the resignation of Noel Park councillor Denise Marshall. Both were Labour councillors.

The full results for Noel Park were:

Labour – Stephen Mann, 1005

Liberal Democrats – Derin Adebiyi, 247

Conservatives – Mike Burgess, 178

Green Party – Mike McGowan, 124

UKIP – Neville Watson, 48

Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts- Paul Burnham, 38

The full results for Woodside were:

Labour – Peter Mitchell, 1,279

Liberal Democrats – Jenni Hollis, 435

Conservatives – Robert Broadhurst, 141

Green Party – Annette Baker, 122

UKIP – Andrew Robert Price, 95