An author who writes books for young adults will inspire school pupils to learn to love reading and writing.

Keren David has been appointed ‘Patron of Reading’ at Highgate Wood School in Crouch End, Haringey.

The former journalist for the Independent will work with the schoolchildren over the next three years, encouraging them to read for pleasure as part of their education.

Ms David, 52 from Crouch End, said: “I’ve known Highgate Wood for some time, my daughter was there. There is also a national scheme for patrons of reading.

“It’s really fun, and something I believe in.

“I’ve been writing for teenagers from back in 2010, so I know the age group. I’m really looking forward to working with them.”

Her job will be to increase the discussion and awareness of reading for teenagers.

The Year 9 students at the school will also be working on her first book, “When I Was Joe”, published in 2010.

Ms David said: “Reading for pleasure has been proven to improve education performance. Something that is educational but not to do with exams is very good.

“It allows them to be more relaxed and creative. All of them would like to read but cannot as they work so hard. It should not be a chore, it should be fun and enjoyable.

“We are very lucky with bookshops locally. They don’t just have to read books too – comics, newspapers, anything is great.

“What you read when you are a teenager is very important. They will be able to talk about what they enjoy and why, as the books become part of you.”

Ms David, who has a 15-year-old son as well as her daughter, will lead projects at the school, including a competition for the children in writing historical fiction.