A MOTHER was left gobsmacked after a “heartless” housing officer ordered she remove a tribute to her murdered son.

Friends of Lukey Maxwell, who would have turned 23 on Saturday, left flowers outside Kenneth Robbins House in Northumberland Park, Tottenham, where he was stabbed to death in June.

But his mother Lynn Jones received a letter from Homes for Haringey asking her to take them down because “they do not give a good general impression of the area”.

The white flowers, which spell out the words Lukey World, cost £300 – but if it they are not removed by Friday the housing association will destroy it.

Mrs Jones, 48, said: “There are no words to describe the pain and shock I felt when I read that letter - it is so heartless. I am deeply offended.

“He told me he was ‘sorry to hear’ about Lukey’s death but he doesn’t sound like he is. My son was murdered.

“If anything, this tribute is a loving thing – it shows unity and it shows that people care. Murderers, drug dealers and graffiti paint a bad picture of the area, not this.

“Inside, I am a broken person and things like this do not help me heal. I didn’t even have anything to do with this tribute – it was done by people who love Lukey.”

Mrs Jones was told Lukey's tribute "does not give a good general impression of the area" and is "not appropriate".

Tottenham Independent:

Lukey World is the name of a tribute song written by international artist Skepta in honour of his friend.

She added: “Young people spent money on that, it wasn’t easy for them but they did it for Lukey. Where is the empathy? Where is the compassion?”

The community stand by Mrs Jones’s decision not to remove the tribute.

Family friend Nicola Dady said: “It is astonishing, the community should have the right to be able to mourn openly the loss of a loved one.

“If and when the tribute comes down that really should be when people are ready and not before.”

Lukey lived in Palmers Green with his girlfriend, Kayla, who he planned to marry.

Just one week after his death on June 5, his friends arranged a football tournament to support Mrs Jones which she said was “wonderful”.

His funeral was standing room only and in the days after he died, Lukey’s friends and even strangers paid his heartbroken mother visits to show their support.

Last Saturday would have been his 23rd birthday and he was hoping to start a career as a trader.

Mrs Jones says she is now moving forward for her four other children, including Tiana, 13, and Coby, ten, who are still struggling to come to terms with what happened.

She added: “Who on earth would expect to hear their child is gone? I bow down crying just looking at his picture.

“After his death, the things people said about him were beautiful. I found out he always used to help people carry their shopping.

“He was very entrepreneurial – as a child he’d go out and buy sweets and sell them to make a profit. He loved making music too.

“He was always smiling and looking out for his younger siblings. He was so supportive. He was the perfect son.”

Arthur Gorol, 36, of Hoddesdon, was charged with the stabbing of Lukey Maxwell on Friday, June 5, but that case has now been dropped.

A Homes for Haringey spokesperson said: “Our thoughts are with Lukey’s family at this difficult time, and we fully understand Ms Jones’ wish to pay tribute to her son.

“Some local residents have raised concerns about the nature of the current memorial, and it’s important we balance the needs of residents with the wishes of Lukey’s family.

“We’ve been speaking regularly to Ms Jones during the last four months to find an appropriate long-term place for this memorial, and we’ll continue to work with her in the coming weeks. We understand this is a difficult issue, and we’re sorry for any distress this has caused.”