A pressure group has accused a major new stadium development of not being environmentally friendly enough and has called on the council to act.

Tottenham’s Friends of the Earth group said Haringey Council’s planning committee should tough with Tottenham Hotspur over their new stadium plans, which they say will only get a tiny amount of energy needed to run from renewable sources.

Haringey’s planning policies call for major developments to provide 20 per cent of their energy needs from renewables like solar panels, but Spurs’ plans will only provide 0.3 per cent, less than one sixtieth of the target.

At the same time, the plans reveal that the stadium will emit over 3,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year just to heat the pitch and make the grass grow, according to Friends of the Earth.

Group spokesperson Quentin Given said that if the plans cannot be improved to deliver more renewable energy, then Haringey should demand Spurs provides energy for heating and hot water to neighbouring developments to offset the costs.

He also said Spurs should build their own wind turbine that would create the same energy used by the stadium.

He said: “With world attention focused on the climate talks in Paris, and with floods across the country worsened by climate change, this is not the time to lower our standards. Haringey should stand up for the future and demand that Spurs does its bit.

“Spurs’ motto is ‘To dare is to do’ but there’s nothing very daring about their climate plans.”

The council planning committee is meeting on Wednesday 16 December to decide the application. Spurs want to build a 60,000-seater stadium on the site of their current White Hart Lane home, which would host Premier League and NFL matches.

Tottenham Hotspur refuted the claims, saying their new stadium will be one of the most energy efficient major stadiums built in the UK, with Carbon Dioxide emissions at 50 per cent less than the Emirates, the home of rivals Arsenal built 10 years ago.

They said the main reason why there is little on-site energy production is because Haringey Council are proposing a District Heating Network across North Tottenham, which they have committed to help bring about and use as a customer.

According to claims by Spurs, the new stadium will create 1,900 new jobs and generate nearly £300million each year

A Tottenham Hotspur club spokesperson said: “We have taken environmental sustainability very seriously indeed, from the building materials we are using, the re-use of materials on site, our construction methods, the use of energy efficient utilities and the design of the stadium itself to minimise heating and cooling demands.

“The production of renewable energy on-site is only one element of environmental sustainability and we have considered all appropriate forms of on-site renewable energy sources.  We have also made enormous strides getting our fans out of their cars and onto public transport when coming to a match-day

 “The Northumberland Development Project will have a hugely beneficial impact in the area, delivering exceptional new public space and leisure attractions for local people, which is why it has been so strongly supported by residents, schools, community groups, businesses and fans alike.“

Haringey Council said they were unable to comment on the application before the decision next Wednesday.

A Haringey Council spokesperson said: “We look forward to the Planning Committee considering all matters on December 16.”