A councillor has been suspended from his own political party after concerns that he was not acting "comradely" enough.

Haringey Councillor Gideon Bull has had the whip withdrawn by the Labour Party – which means he no longer represents the party, and will not receive financial or political backing from Labour.

In an email, Cllr Liz McShane, chief whip of Haringey Labour, said that Cllr Bull had been punished for not toeing the line on party policy over closures of adult care services.

Cllr McShane said: “Because of Gideon’s intervention at the Cabinet meeting on November 10, where he spoke out against an agreed group decision, that the Labour Group voted on a recommendation to withdraw the whip based on concerns about comradely behaviour and collective responsibility in accordance with the Party’s rules and our own group standing orders.

“The period of suspension is for 3 months, from January 21 2016 to the end of the day on April 21 2016. I have written to Cllr Bull to confirm this and to formally notify him of the terms of his suspension.”

The meeting on November 10 was about cutting care centre funding, in which Cllr Bull attacked the Labour council cabinet for wanting to close the Haven day centre in Tottenham.

The decision to suspend Cllr Bull has provoked outrage from both sides of the political spectrum.

Tottenham Labour party member Alan Stanton said: “It never used to be like this – councillors would be able to speak up for what they believed in on matters they felt passionate about.

“I've suggested to my fellow party members that a wise council leader would actually welcome criticisms and suggestions from others who were honest and heartfelt in their views about frontline local services - especially for the most vulnerable residents, because out of challenge and dispute come wiser heads and far better decisions.

“When leaders act believing they must silence and punish all and any dissent, their regimes have become truly rotten.”

Liberal Democrat councillor Clive Carter said: “I was impressed with the speeches of both Cllr. Bull and Cllr. Peacock, who each spoke without guile but with honesty, passion and conviction. It seems that any criticism is intolerable.

“It's a poor state of affairs for a local group that on the national stage, lays claim to democracy and standing up for the vulnerable. Not all the councillors are nodding puppets; allegedly some are quite bright and I cannot believe all its members are happy with this lesson in obedience training.”

Justin Hinchcliffe of Tottenham Conservatives gave Cllr Bull rather back-handed support on social media, tweeting: “Cllr Bull may well be a disloyal chameleon, but it is a travesty he should lose the Labour Whip for speaking up for the vulnerable at Cabinet”.

Haringey Council said that Cllr Bull remains as a councillor and that the decision to suspend him was a decision taken entirely by the Labour party.

Cllr Bull has served as a representative of White Hart Lane ward since December 2000.

When called by the Tottenham Independent, Cllr Bull said he was planning on commenting on his suspension later today.

Haringey Labour Party have also been contacted for comment.