DEAF children competed in a mini-Paralympics against other pupils from schools in London.

A team of 11 from Blanche Neville School, in Muswell Hill, took part in the first ever London Deaf Panathalon Challenge.

The day saw boccia, curling, table cricket and a series of athletic events.

They competed against students from Brent, Islington, Hounslow in mixed teams.

Naomi Thomas, communication support worker at Blanche Nevile School, said: “The kids have enjoyed the day.

Valentin Roci, ten, was part of the winning Green Tornadoes team.

She said: “It feels very nice, like we’ve won the Olympics. It was nice taking part with children from other schools. We helped each other to win.”

Naomi Thomas, support worker at Blanche Neville, said: "It’s nice for them to interact, play sports and socialise with other deaf children.

"They often play sport with mainstream kids, but today gives them an opportunity to have their own day, which helps with their identity as a deaf child.”

Panathlon’s chief operating officer Tony Waymouth said: “The chance to participate in a team alongside peers from other schools enhances the competition and provides a raft of opportunities for these children.

"It helps them build communication, teamwork and leadership skills, whilst enabling them to build new friendships.”