The mayor said a primary school has “started something really important” as she officially opened their new solar panels this morning.

Cllr Jennifer Mann spoke to pupils at Mulberry Primary School on Parkhurst Lane, Tottenham, as she gave her support to the installation of the panels on the roof of the old Victorian buildings of the school. The panels were constructed and have been operating since October 2015.

Year Four ‘scientists’ gave a presentation on climate change at the beginning of the assembly, and on why the school needed to use greener energy alternatives.

The Mayor said: “When your chair of governors told me about the solar panels last year, I have been really looking forward to coming to visit and see them for myself.

“I want to thank the scientists for explaining it and making it all clear, and for telling us why we have to work very hard to get to a situation where we are not choking our own city.

“I go to lots of schools in Haringey with lots of children working very hard, but this is different. Here it is about doing something for the whole of the borough and making everything cleaner for everyone. You have started something important here and should be very proud.”