A 14-year-old and her friends have organised a march for peace against violence and killings in the capital.

Perez Faulkner, 14, from Tottenham, organised a march, on April 8, to the memorial for Tanesha Melbourne in Northumberland Park who was killed April 2.

Protesting the violence that has since claimed 55 lives, Perez organised the march to protest against the so called "Postcode Wars" and violence within the community.

Starting in Seven Sisters, the group of twenty marched two miles wielding signs and placards calling for an end to the violence.

Perez said: “I felt like I needed to do this march because I am sick and tired of people fighting for postcodes they don’t own.

“I have mutual friends that have been affected by the violence in the capital.

“I don’t feel safe going out.

"I can't even go out without having the fear of me getting hurt.”

Mia O'Brien-Jones, 13, from Holloway, is a friend of Perez and attended the march.

She said: "I think everyone should step up and help fight the violence.

"The march is what I chose to do my part.

"Everyone is affected by the violence, Tanesha was a friend of Perez.

"Even in the Postcode Wars the wrong person may be attacked.

"This makes many people afraid to leave their homes."