A 17-year-old who got into boxing the sport to keep off the streets triumphed in a knockout competition.

Naseem Miah, 17, of Hedge Hill, Enfield, beat three fighters over three days in Alexandra Palace in Muswell Hill.

The teenager, representing Hoddesdon Boxing Club in Burford Street, Hoddesdon, won gold at the Haringey Cup boxing tournament.

His father, Laki Miah, says he encouraged Naseem to take up boxing to keep him out of trouble.

The 44-year-old said: “I’m very proud every time he steps into the ring.

“I got him and his brothers into it just to keep fit.

“You hear on the news about younger people getting killed.

“This is a good way to keep them off the streets, especially now with all the trouble going on.”

Mr Miah says his son is now looking to step up from the amateur circuit and has even sparred with professionals.

He said: “At first he wasn’t very good but now he would like to become a professional.

“He focuses on his running and his boxing, it keeps him away from smoking and drinking with others his age.

“Of his two brothers, one older and one younger, he is the one keeping up with it.”