Over the next two weeks, almost 1,400 Year 6 pupils from Haringey will take part in Junior Citizens, a workshop experience organised by the police, in partnership with the London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service and Haringey Council.

So what’s the idea?

The workshops are designed to equip our young people with the life skills they need to stay safe as they embark on their secondary school journeys.

PC Charlotte Bell, who co-ordinated the project, said: "The kids love it but it also give them a better understanding of the real world beyond their primary schools.

"It’s a great opportunity for the police as it gives us a chance to engage with them in a really positive way.”

In last week’s column we discussed the issue of youth violent crime. Early engagement with the children of Haringey is one way we can start to address the issues.

As part of the programme, police officers deliver a workshop on knife crime awareness. We provide the facts about knife crime, in a way appropriate to their age.

Children are taught about the risks of carrying knives, both in terms of the criminal penalties as well as the risk of becoming a victim of crime by carrying a knife - gang membership can be a slippery slope.

For most of the children, this is their first encounter with the police: positive and educational. It is amazing how enthusiastic our primary school pupils are. We want to invest in the future of Haringey and the safety of all our young people, this is one step towards achieving this.