More than 30 per cent of jobs in Enfield pay below the London Living Wage.

According to figures from charity Trust for London, Enfield has the third highest percentage out of all 32 London boroughs for jobs paying below the London Living Wage (LLW) – 33 per cent.

It is beaten only by Sutton and Waltham Forest, where the percentage of jobs paid below the LLW is 34 per cent in Sutton and 37 per cent in Waltham Forest.

London Assembly member for Enfield, Joanne McCartney says more needs to be done locally to ensure Londoners are paid enough to meet the rising costs of living.

She said: “I was proud to see Enfield become one of the first London Living Wage accredited boroughs in 2013, despite the huge pressures placed upon the council by sustained government funding cuts.

“It also needs to be recognised that increases in business rates have put significant pressures on small businesses in Enfield.

In contrast boroughs in inner London have a lower percentage of jobs paid below the LLW with below 15 per cent of jobs paid under the LLW in the boroughs of Camden, Westminster, Islington, Tower Hamlets and Southwark.

Ms McCartney said that one reason for this could be due to higher number of larger employers typically located in central rather than outer London.

She added: “In my role as an Assembly Member and a London Living Wage Commissioner, I have always spoken up against the absolute injustice of in-work poverty and challenged Mayors on their strategies to ensure as many local people as possible are given fair pay.

“I have always championed the London Living Wage and will continue to push for more Enfield businesses to make the pledge.”

The research also showed that almost 18% of jobs in London pay below the LLW and that 27 per cent of Londoners are living below the poverty line.

Trust for London blames the cost of housing as an important factor in London’s poverty rate.