Have you ever fancied eating dinner in an operating theatre, before getting hands-on with a bit of human dissection?

Anatomy Lab Live is returning for 2019, offering a surgical spin on dinner and dissection.

The event is being held at the Village Hotel in Elstree, and is bound to be a hit.

People who get tickets can enjoy a two-course meal in an operating  room theatre dining room. 

It will then plunge to darkness, and the operating theatre will spring into action.

Ventilators, a cash trolley and full team will race the clock to save a patient's life.

A live patient will be rushed through the crowd, anaesthetised and operated on.

Doctors will take the scalpel to the patients chest and the organs will be revealed.

The audience will work their way through a complete dissection of the body, attempting a variety of surgical techniques.

Working on real specimens using real surgeon's tools, guests will discover the intricate structures and how they function to keep you alive.

And guests will have the chance to have a go at corrective surgical procedures using real kit on the specimens. 

Anyone can attend.

How do I get a ticket?

Tickets can be purchased online via the Anatomy Lab LIVE website www.anatomylablive.co.uk

• Standard tickets £79

• NHS ticket £70

• NUS tickets £70

• Group tickets for 10 people, prosecco reception, upgraded nitrile glove packs, Anatomy lab live notebook and pencils £900.

• Overnight package for two people includes prosecco meet and greet, upgraded nitrile gloves and a room for two people (double or twin) and breakfast £300.

Full details and terms and conditions can be found on the website.