Haringey Council has refused to back calls for a people’s vote on Brexit despite fears that leaving the European Union could seriously harm the borough.

The so-called ‘Corbyn Council’ instead backed the national Labour Party’s stance of calling for a general election if the Conservative government is unable to cut a deal with the EU that provides the same benefits as remaining a member.

Councillors voted down the Liberal Democrat motion calling for a people’s vote at an extraordinary council meeting on Thursday (October 11).

It followed a heated debate in which the rival parties traded blows on the causes of the Brexit vote and the effects it could have on the borough.

Haringey is home to a large number of EU nationals and saw the fifth-highest remain vote in the whole UK.

Speaking before the motion was discussed, Haringey resident Mikolaj Stoma – who is originally from Lithuania – warned of the impact a hard Brexit could have on more vulnerable EU citizens living in the UK.

He added: “There has been a rise in hate crime. It has affected not only people of European origin, but also other minorities, the LGBT community and people with disabilities.

“The Brexit vote was one of the most disappointing times of my life. Haringey voted to remain. I hope councillors will once again do the right thing by European citizens and call for a people’s vote that includes an option to end this Brexit nightmare.”

Liberal Democrat leader Councillor Liz Morris, who introduced the motion, said Brexit was “the most critical issue currently facing the borough, the city and the country”

She said: “A survey by the New Local Government Network showed council leaders across the country that Brexit will damage their economy, putting them under great pressure to put up council tax and cut yet more services.

“We must settle for nothing less than a people’s vote in which all those impacted by Brexit can vote.”

Haringey Council leader Cllr Joseph Ejiofor tabled an amendment to the motion that called for a general election rather than a people’s vote.

The Labour proposal did not completely rule out a people’s vote and stated all options should remain on the table if a general election was ruled out.

Cllr Ejiofor said: “I have particular views about wishing to remain in the EU that are not shared by 51.9 per cent of the population. We need to bring the other half with us.

“There needs to be a general election to stop Theresa May’s dog being wagged by Jacob Rees-Mogg’s tail.

“We want Haringey to remain a diverse community where everyone, whatever their background, is welcome.

“We want to combat the rise in hate crime and a far right that has been emboldened by the Brexit vote.”

Lib Dem member for Crouch End Cllr Tammy Palmer said that since the vote people had begun to realise the damage that Brexit would cause to the economy.

She said “Labour MPs, trade unions and the Mayor of London” had joined calls for a people’s vote.

Cllr Palmer added: “You can’t trust a word that Haringey (Labour) say when it comes to standing up to a Tory Brexit.”

But Cllr Adam Jogee, Labour member for Hornsey, said he would take “no lectures from the Liberal Democrats about backing the Tories”.

He added that the austerity agenda pursued by the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government had helped push people towards voting for Brexit.

The council voted in favour of a general election, with the ruling Labour group backing the amendment and the Lib Dem opposition voting against.