The Labour Party is to tighten up its oversight of internal party processes in Enfield following an investigation into the local Labour Group.

Labour’s governing body, the National Executive Committee (NEC), has agreed 13 measures aimed at improving local democratic procedures – including membership checks at meetings and restrictions on who is allowed to vet candidates for council elections.

The measures are set out in an email to members, seen by the Enfield Independent, which also suggests some individuals could face disciplinary action.

The NEC launched an investigation into Enfield Labour Group in November after receiving a range of complaints relating to last year’s local elections.

These included allegations of “irregularities” in the process of selecting candidates deemed suitable to stand for election as councillors.

Labour initially said it was “satisfied” the selection process “took place in line with Labour’s rules and procedures”.

But an investigation was finally launched after several councillors – including cabinet members – called on the national party to take action.

The email, which was sent out last week by Labour’s Governance and Legal Unit, states that the NEC has agreed that no existing councillor or potential council candidate should be involved in the arrangements for the next local government selection process.

It states: “This includes having responsibility for administrative tasks, arrangements for panel interviews, the handling and photocopying of applications, ballot papers and other paperwork or the membership checks at selection meetings”.

The email adds that “further training and guidance should be provided for independent selection panels to ensure greater consistency in scoring and mandatory questions”.

Following last year’s council elections, Southgate Constituency Labour Party (CLP) raised concerns that “essential” questions were not asked of several candidates.

The CLP’s concerns were focused on secretary of the Local Campaign Forum Cllr Nesil Caliskan – who is now council leader – and procedures secretary Ian Hamilton, both of whom played a role in administering the candidate interview process.

The email states that the NEC will oversee the next local government selection process and will carry out full membership checks at all meetings.

Anyone attending a meeting with a membership card but who does not appear on the membership list will have their card retained and passed to the national party.

Rigorous membership checks will also be carried out at Enfield CLP annual general meetings and all Edmonton branch meetings.

The email also outlines measures to ensure people from a diverse range of backgrounds are included in the local Labour Party.

It follows complaints that five sitting black and minority ethnic (BAME) councillors were deselected during last year’s local elections.

The NEC has agreed there will be a “programme of outreach, community engagement and community organising” targeting “Black African, Black Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, other Asian, Chinese” and other under-represented communities.

Further measures include equality training for the Labour Group and a recommendation to allow annual elections for the leader and all other group officers.

In addition, all Enfield Labour Group meetings will be attended by an observer from the Association of Labour Councillors, subject to a review after six months.

The email adds: “We received a number of allegations that will need to be referred into the disputes process, and where there is evidence of a potential breach of rule individuals will be investigated by the Governance and Legal Unit.”

Council leader Cllr Nesil Caliskan commented: “I am aware that the Labour Party have received many complaints from Enfield, including from myself, prompting the NEC to investigate.

“The list of recommendations has been drawn up with the key objective of supporting sensitive inter-community relationships and also with a view to providing support to the Labour Group and the associated CLPs.

“The Labour Party NEC have provided a list of recommendations to ensure the highest of standards are met across Enfield. Support for all Labour councillors and listening to their experiences is also important.

“Labour in Enfield is committed to moving forward, supporting our strong and diverse Labour Group of councillors, and campaigning for a Labour government.

“We will continue to be focused on addressing the real issues facing local people. We are getting on with the job of bringing new housing and investment to Enfield, fighting knife crime and supporting our schools – that’s what really matters.”