We can all agree that there is no such thing as too much Marmite.

The scrumptious yeast extract goes with anything - dippy eggs, pancakes, cheese toasties, pizza crust, steak, pasta, the list goes on.

But what's better than Marmite? More Marmite-y Marmite.

Our prayers have finally been answered as special edition Marmite XO jars will be returning to stores - after being unavailable to purchase for nearly 10 years.

Marmite XO, which stands for Extra Old, is a special edition formula in which the Marmite has been matured for 28 days, four times longer than the classic version.

Packaged in a gold and black jar, the recipe results in a more intense and flavourful taste than the original flavour.

The recipe was first created in 2010 and was being sampled by Marmarati’s - a secret cult-following society for Marmite.

When Marmite first launched its limited production in 2010, some jars fetched up to £5,100 bids on eBay.

Camilla Williamson, the brand manager at Marmite said: “The British public have been pleading for the return of Marmite XO for some time and we’re delighted to team up with Tesco to give them exactly what they want.

“We can’t wait to spread the love by ensuring everyone has a chance to sample the deliciously coveted taste of the nation’s favourite savoury spread.”

The 250g jars will be available in some Tesco stores from Monday (July 8) at a price of £3.99.