Help for Heroes has taken part in the Red Bull Soap Box race to raise awareness for its charity.

The team took part at the event in Alexandra Palace, finishing 39th out of 64 competitors.

Toby McIntyre, Head of IT at Help for Heroes, was the team captain of the Red Bull ‘Help for Heroes, Bear with Us’ team. He was one of the masterminds behind the design and build of the cart.

Speaking about the race, Mr Mclntyre said: “There was a brilliant atmosphere at the race and the camaraderie, not just amongst our team but all the other teams and the Red Bull crew, was fantastic.

“It was really fun to be part of it and, although we didn’t win, we achieved our goal to build awareness of Help for Heroes, with some great TV coverage of our run on the day.”

Former Royal Signal Mike Nunn was part of the team. After eight years of service he was medically discharged – and now works as an IT service desk analyst.

He felt that being part of the team gave him the friendship and fun he had missed since leaving the army.

Mr Nunn said: “Being part of the Help for Heroes Red Bull Soap Box team has got me out of my room in the evening, when normally I would lock myself away.

“Being able to laugh and joke with the guys while we’re working on the Soap Box Cart has given me back the sense of camaraderie I really miss from being in the Army and it’s also a mindful activity that enables me to enjoy what I’m doing in the moment, rather than worrying.”

Help for Heroes is the charity that helps those whose life has been affected as a result of serving in the Armed Forces.